X-TREME LAX Factory Programs

Become more familiar with the lacrosse programs offered by our company in Oakland, New Jersey. X-Treme Lax Factory lacrosse programs provide you with everything you need to know about the game of lacrosse. Our lessons include everything from goalie training to good sportsmanship.

Lessons Include:
• Good Sportsmanship
• Team Playing
• Attack & Midfield Training
• Defensive & Goalie Training
 Private Lessons:
• Attack Training
• Midfield Training
• Defensive Training
• Goalie Training


Lacrosse Clinics:
• Defensive Drills
• Draw/Face-Off
• Goalie
• Offensive Drills
• Shooting
• First Timers

A Breakdown of Our Hour-Long Clinics:

• 3rd–4th Grade Boys & Girls — $175 for 7 Sessions
• 5th–8th Grade Boys & Girls— $200 for 7 Sessions
• 9th–12th Grade Girls— $225 for 7 Sessions

League Play

Winter League
5th & 6th Grade Girls
7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls

Fall/Winter Sessions
9th–12th Grade Boys & Girls, Varsity League
Men's & Women's Leagues
Team Trainings for Youth & High School Teams

Important Additional Information

Players must provide their own personal equipment - no equipment will be given out.

Boys- helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouth guard, stick

Girls-goggles, mouth guard, stick

Goalies- helmet, chest protector, gloves, mouth guard, stick, shin guards (girls) rib pads (girls) 

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